Rules & Guidelines

keep-calm-and-teens-onlyThe Teen Summer Challenge is run by the Osceola Library System and is intended for teens between the ages of thirteen and nineteen.

If you are older than nineteen at the beginning of the challenge, you do not qualify to compete.  Any children younger than the age of thirteen may not be eligible to compete or win prizes.  Please talk to your branch Youth Specialist with any questions or concerns.

giphyChallengers must have a valid library card to claim a prize.

Although you do not need a library card to participate in the Teen Summer Challenge, you will need one to claim a prize at the end.

Don’t know how to get a library card?  Check out our FAQ.

no-cheating-480No cheating.  

Any challengers who are caught cheating in the Teen Summer Challenge will be disqualified.  Steps may be taken to block those challengers from creating a new account and all points accrued by a cheating challenger will be revoked.


Unless otherwise stated in the challenge, all challenges must be completed by the challenger.  Should a challenger have a second party complete their challenges, it is at the discretion of the Osceola Library System to disqualify the challenger and/or revoke their points and badges.

AskaLibrarianNeed Help?

Your parents and friends can be great sources of information.  But, it’s hard to beat a librarian when it comes to finding accurate information and great resources.  When in doubt, turn to the librarians at your Library to help turn you in the right direction!