Check Out Chromebooks and Hotspots

Take the internet home or on the go with Chromebooks and mobile hotspots, now available!



Check Out a Chromebook

What is a Chromebook?

  • Chromebooks are user-friendly laptops that use the Google operating system. They can access the Internet and require a Google account to log in.
  • Your Google account will connect the Chromebooks to your personal Google Drive online where files can be stored or shared in the Cloud.
  • Google offers Microsoft Office-like products for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, video conferencing, and more. Chromebooks do not have access to Microsoft Office but Google files are compatible with Office.

How can I check out a Chromebook?

These Chromebooks were purchased with CARES Act funds. Only residents of Osceola County may check out a Chromebook.

  • Find Chromebook listed in the Library’s catalog and place a hold.
    1. Visit our catalog and enter “chromebook” or “laptop” into the keyword search
    2. Look for “HP Chromebook Laptop” in the search results and select Place Request.
    3. Enter your Library card number and PIN
    4. Choose your desired Library branch from the Pickup Library dropdown menu.
    5. Click Submit Request.
    6. You will be notified when the Chromebook is available for check out.
  • Lending period is 14 days with no renewals.
  • Chromebooks that are 1 day/24 hours overdue will be disabled and unusable.  
  • Chromebooks have no late fees but a replacement fee of $450 will be charged to your Library account if the Chromebook is more than 10 days overdue. Once the Chromebook is returned (in good working condition), the $450 will be deleted from your account.
  • Only patrons 16 and older with an Adult library card may reserve and check out a Chromebook. Patrons under 16 or those with eCards, Reciprocal Borrowers or Student Cards are not eligible to check out Chromebooks.
  • Only one Chromebook may be checked out on a card at a time.

What are the guidelines for Chromebook check out?

  • Limit One (1) Chromebook per household Chromebooks require a Google account to sign in.
  • Library staff can assist you with creating an account if you do not already have one (Gmail account).
  • Chromebooks need an Internet connection (place a hold on a hotspot if necessary).
  • Reserved Chromebooks can be picked up at any branch. They will not be kept on “holds” shelf. Pick up “held” Chromebooks at the Service Desk.
  • Do not modify or change a Library Chromebook in any way, including removing or adding apps, removing the case, peeling stickers off, etc.
  • Chromebooks will be remotely disabled and rendered unusable at one (1) day/24 hours overdue.
  • Return Chromebooks to the Service Desk, never in the Book Drop.
  • The condition of the Chromebook will be reviewed on return and any device returned incomplete, altered, modified or damaged will be charged a $450 replacement fee and Library privileges suspended until the fee is paid or resolved.
  • A lost/stolen report will be filed with law enforcement if a Chromebook is not returned within four (4) weeks of the due date.
  • Chromebooks check out with a case, charging cord and plug that must be returned with the Chromebook.
  • The following replacement fees will be charged to your Library account if these items are not returned:

           Missing Charger - $50
           Missing Shell Case - $25
           Missing Plug - $10

  • Report any issues experienced with the Chromebook before returning to the Library to avoid unnecessary fees and disruption of service. Call, email, chat or visit to report an issue.
  • Log out of your Google account before returning the Chromebook to the Library. All documents should be saved to either a USB drive or your Google Drive. Chromebooks will be wiped clean of all data upon return.
  • Chromebooks may print wirelessly in the Library for $.25 per page, color or black and white.

Getting started with a Chromebook:

  • Press the power button on the upper right section of the keyboard
  • Select Add User on the start screen and sign in with your Google email and password
  • If you don’t have an account, select Browse as Guest on the bottom left corner of the Start screen and create a new Google account by clicking on Sign In at
  • At the end of the session, user data is cleared automatically when signed out of Google.
  • To charge the Chromebook, plug the smaller end of the charger into the laptop and the 3 prong end into an outlet. Chromebooks are fully charged with the battery icon is fully white.
  • Experiencing technical issues with the Chromebook? Call the Library at 407-742-8888 or visit the nearest branch location for help.
Check Out a Hotspot

What are the guidelines for hotspot check out?

  • Hotspots provide fast and reliable 4G Internet service.
  • One hotspot can connect up to 10 devices (phones, laptops, tablets, printers, cameras, etc.) at the same time.
  • Hotspots are checked out in a carrying case that include the hotspot and a USB charger cable with a cube.
  • In order to check out a hotspot, you must put one on hold through our catalog as they will not be available on the shelves.
  • Hotspots can be checked out for 14 days.
  • Hotspots may be returned at any Osceola Library System location.
  • Hotspots may not be renewed -- when returned, you may place a hold for the next available hotspot.
  • Limited to one hotspot per patron at a time.
  • A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged items.
    • $100 for a lost or damaged hotspot
    • $10 for a lost or damaged charger/cube
    • $5 for a lost or damaged carrying case
  • Hotspot service automatically turns off the first day it is overdue and will not access the Internet until the hotspot is returned.
  • Hotspots may not be used outside of the United States.

How can I check out a hotspot?

Hotspots must be placed on hold in order to check out as they will not be kept at the desks or on our shelves.

To place a hotspot on hold, speak with a staff member at the circulation desk or 

  1. Visit our catalog and enter "hotspot" into the keyword search.
  2. Look for "Mobile Hotspot" in the results and select "Place Request."
  3. Enter your Library card number and PIN.
  4. Choose your desired Library branch from the "Pickup Library" dropdown menu.
  5. Click "Submit Request."

You will be notified when the hotspot is available for check out. When your hotspot hold is ready, visit the Pickup Library location you chose and speak with the staff at the front desk.

How do I connect my device to a hotspot?

  • The Library offers several types of hotspots. For instructions, please refer to the insert provided with the hotspot.
  • If you have misplaced the instructions insert, select the version of your hotspot below for connection assistance:

To charge the hotspot, plug in the USB charger and cube to an outlet and plug the smaller end of the charger cable into the hotspot. You can also plug the USB charger (without the cube) into a desktop or laptop computer to charge the hotspot.

If you experience any technical issues with the hotspot, call the Library at 407.742.8888 or visit the nearest branch location.