Hotspots Are Here!

Mobile hotspots are now available for checkout with your Library card! 

What You Need to Know

  • Hotspots provide fast and reliable 4G Internet service.
  • One hotspot can connect up to 10 devices (phones, laptops, tablets, printers, cameras, etc.) at the same time.
  • Hotspots are checked out in a carrying case that include the hotspot and a USB charger cable with a cube.
  • In order to check out a hotspot, you must put one on hold through our catalog as they will not be available on the shelves.
  • Hotspots can be checked out for 14 days.
  • Hotspots may be returned at any Osceola Library System location.
  • Hotspots may not be renewed -- when returned, you may place a hold for the next available hotspot.
  • Limited to one hotspot per patron at a time.
  • A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged items
    • $100 for a lost or damaged hotspot
    • $10 for a lost or damaged charger/cube
    • $5 for a lost or damaged carrying case
  • Hotspot service automatically turns off the first day it is overdue and will not access the Internet until the hotspot is returned.
  • Hotspots may not be used outside of the United States.

How to Checkout a Hotspot

Hotspots must be placed on hold in order to checkout as they will not be kept at the desks or on our shelves.

To place a hotspot on hold, speak with a staff member at the circulation desk or 

  1. Visit our catalog and enter "hotspot" into the keyword search.
  2. Look for "Coolpad Mobile Hotspot" in the results and select "Place Request."
  3. Enter your Library card number and PIN.
  4. Choose your desired Library branch from the "Pickup Library" dropdown menu.
  5. Click "Submit Request."

You will be notified when the hotspot is available for checkout. When your hotspot hold is ready, visit the Pickup Library location you chose and speak with the staff at the front desk.

How to Connect Your Device to a Hotspot

  1. Press & hold ON/OFF button for a few seconds until all green lights appear.
    • Service/Signal Color Code: No Service, Some Service, Full Service
  2. Make sure WiFi is enabled on the device you want to connect to (laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc.).
  3. Go to your device's WiFi settings and locate the hotspot network. The name begins with CoolpadSurf_ followed by the four numbers of the hotspot's unique ID. 
  4. Enter the hotspot's password found on the Mobile Hotspot Instruction Card inside the carrying case.
  5. Once connected, your device is now using the Internet made available by the hotspot connection. If you're connecting additional devices, repeat steps 2-4.
  6. To turn off the hotspot, press & hold the ON/OFF button for a few seconds until all lights turn off. You may have to repeat this step if it doesn't turn off on the first try.

To charge the hotspot, plug in the USB charger and cube to an outlet and plug the smaller end of the charger cable into the hotspot. You can also plug the USB charger (without the cube) into a desktop or laptop computer to charge the hotspot.

If you experience any technical issues with the hotspot, call the Library at 407.742.8888 or visit the nearest branch location.