Local Author Collection


Are you an author local to the Central Florida area? Would you like to see your book(s) on our shelves? Here's how you can be part of our physical and/or digital collection!

Physical Collection

To be considered for inclusion in our physical Local Author Collection, fill out a Local Author Submission Form and turn it in along with no more than 2 copies of your book to any of our branches. If selected, your book will be added to our Local Author shelves and become part of our circulation!

Browse our Local Author Collection.

Digital Collection via BiblioBoard

Pressbooks Public

This BiblioBoard platform allows local authors like you to create and professionally format books, poetry, novels, and any other written content into digital and print-ready formats. Pressbooks is an easy-to-use digital self-publishing tool that creates professional-quality eBook and print-ready files in ePUB, MOBI, and PDF formats. There is no limit to how many items each user can create and export. There are two ways to access Pressbooks Public. You can go to https://library.biblioboard.com and click the Menu button and from there access the Pressbooks login page by clicking "Create Your Book," or visit https://osceolalibrary.pressbooks.pub/ directly.

Congratulations to our OsceoWriMo Writing Contest winner: Jessica Paige Moody! Her winning story, "The Vowmaker's Blade," used one of our Fantasy prompts. Read the winning work and the other contest submissions on BiblioBoard!

 -- OsceoWriMo Writing Contest Anthology –

How-To Videos and Documents for Pressbooks Public:

Indie Author Project (IAP)

You can share your work with the community to increase exposure by submitting your eBook to the library's Indie Author Project (IAP) program. Chosen authors will have their book showcased in the Statewide "Indie Florida" Collection, with the potential for national exposure, while retaining all rights to their work. 

The IAP is a year-round, discovery program where indie authors like you can make their eBooks available through the library. If you're looking to promote your work and increase readership and exposure, you can submit your work to IAP to be featured in the statewide Indie Florida Collection, with the potential for inclusion in the IAP Select collections available at participating libraries all across the U.S. and Canada!

You can submit your eBook to the Indie Author Project from your Pressbooks account, or from BiblioBoard Library with the "Share Your Book" link in the menu's author section.

After a book is vetted by BiblioBoard and the Indie Author Project team, it is made available to participating libraries statewide in the Indie Florida Collection on BiblioBoard Library. After a submission is added to the author's local Indie Collection, Library Journal then vets all adult and YA fiction submissions for inclusion in IAP Select. Submissions deemed as high-quality indie titles are labeled as IAP Select and in addition to being available locally in the statewide Indie Florida Collection, these titles also appear in the genre based LJ IAP Select collections, which are available at participating libraries all across the U.S. and Canada.

The Indie Author Project Select collections are also available with the same sustainable unlimited, simultaneous use model on all major library eBook platforms including cloudLibrary, OverDrive, and Axis360. Participating authors receive royalties based on usage for their titles in these collections. If you already has your book published and available for sale somewhere, like Amazon, you can still add it to this collection and have the opportunity to link to your "Available for purchase" page, so library patrons could potentially buy your book if they like it and want to own a copy!

The Indie Author Project has a contest each spring in which they take submissions to find the best-of-the-best indie ebooks in various regions across the nation. Winners are featured and gain extra recognition.