Recording Studio


In TechCentral's Recording Studio YOU become the DJ. Whether you want to record your piano playing, lay down vocal tracks, or start a podcast, this studio has what you need to create the soundtrack to your life!

In the studio:

  • Mac Pro Computer
  • Audio Software 
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Image Line FL Studio
    • GarageBand
    • Serato DJ Lite
  • Akai Professional Fire Grid Controller for FL Studio
  • Korg Kronos Synthesizer Workstation (Keyboard)
  • Line 6 POD Pro X Guitar Multi-Effects Processor
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 4-deck Serato DJ Controller
  • Ibanez Electric Guitar
  • Electro-Voice RE20
  • Shure SM57 and SM58SE Electronics SE8 Stereo Pair, and Neumann TLM 102 Microphones
  • FL Studio
  • Variety of microphones, cables, stands, and other accessories

For Beginners

Upcoming Classes
  • Class schedule coming soon

Booking Studio Time

In order to book the Recording Studio for use, the following skills must be demonstrated.

Skills Required

Users are required to demonstrate the following skills and knowledge to our TechCentral Technicians when you arrive for your first appointment. Our Technicians will go over the skills with you and approve you for solo use of the space and future bookings.

  • Identify POD and how to use it (guitar)
  • Identify Scarlett and how to use it
  • Identify Serato DJ deck and function (for use with Serato Software)
  • Identify FL Studio Fire Console and function (for use with FL Studio)
  • Identify available microphones and what they are good for
  • Identify Focusrite control software and acknowledge not to use
  • Identify where to plug in removable storage devices
  • Acknowledge that nothing is to be unplugged or changed without contacting a staff member

Select an area of interest and demonstrate knowledge of the associated requirements:

  • Adobe Audition Fundamentals
    • Create a document
    • Arm a track and record a wave
    • Add an effect
  • FL Studio Fundamentals
    • Create a document
    • Change an instrument
    • Make a sequence
    • Add a sequence to the song
  • Serato DJ Fundamentals
    • Create a document
    • Add tracks to each slot
    • Play, crossfade, and adjust speed
Book a Room

Be prepared for the first one or more times you book time in the space to be training sessions. Our TechCentral staff will train you in the proper use of our equipment based on what you are hoping to accomplish in the space. Visit our Online Studio Calendar for available studio times and to book your session.