Teen Ambassadors

Being a Teen Ambassador is a great way to serve your community while gaining work experience. YOU are needed to make a difference!

Not only do many Osceola County schools require a certain number of volunteer hours from students before graduation, but volunteering can be a great learning experience! Volunteers have the opportunity to learn new skills, make a difference in their community, and meet some great new people.

For the safety of everyone and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Teen Ambassador hours have been converted to virtual tasks. Below is a list of the possible tasks you can complete to earn the specified virtual volunteer hours. After posting on social media, always email a screenshot or the project file to your Youth Specialist to receive the credit. For more information please contact the Youth Specialist at your Library.

Any books or eBooks used for volunteer hours must be checked out from the Osceola Library System.

  • Video skits based on scenes in a book and email to your Youth Services Staff. (30 min)
  • Create a book spine poem. (Add #olsbookspine to the hashtags.) (30 min)
  • Create a mini book review. The review must be short and snappy, a few sentences about a book you read in 2020. Add an image or picture of the book cover, or just submit your review. (30 min)
  • Create a BookFace, or re-create the cover of a favorite book, magazine, album, video game, or work of art on Instagram. (1 hour)

Applications will be accepted all year but for more information please contact the Youth Specialist at the Library you are wanting to volunteer for. Be sure to use a personal email address and not a student email address in your application.

Teen Ambassador Application

Teen Ambassador Policies

  • Teen Ambassador service will be terminated after 3 no-call/no-shows.
  • Carefully record your time. All Teen Ambassadors must wear an ID badge while working.
  • Teen Ambassadors will be expected to conduct themselves as role models. Threatening, profane, or abusive language are grounds for disciplinary action. Problems with law enforcement will result in dismissal.
  • Teen Ambassadors must keep socializing during their service hours to a minimum. Electronic devices should be turned off or on “silent”. Only emergency phone calls should be taken.
  • Friends and family are encouraged to visit the library to participate in programs, but please remember that the Teen Ambassadors are here to perform volunteer service and cannot serve as a responsible caregiver for younger siblings or friends.
  • Teen Ambassadors may only enter “Staff Only” areas with permission from the Youth Specialist. This permission does not extend to visitors.
Please be aware that the Teen Ambassador service is based on the individual needs of the Library.