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This archive hosts all virtual programs and challenges previously done up to last month.

Activities, games, and programs that can be done online and at home!

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Adults and Teens

Video Programs
  • Hand Lettering for Beginners -- YouTube Link -- The basics of hand lettering, including types of font, embellishments, and proportions.
  • Take and Make: Blooming Bouquet -- YouTube Link -- Download the Activity Pack Flyer - Create a realistic blooming bouquet of flowers using paper.
  • Dragon Eggs -- YouTube Link  -- Hand-craft your very own dragon egg. Supplies needed: 1 Styrofoam Egg, 1-2 colors of nail polish, flat-topped thumb tacks, a small piece of cardboard, and craft glue.
  • Hora de Arte: Florero De Vidrio Manchado / Art Time: Stained Glass Vases -- En Español en YouTube - Crea su propio florero de vidrio manchado. Materiales recomendados: florero de vidrio, pintura delineador de vidrio en oro o negro, y varios colores de pintura de vidrio. 
    • English YouTube Video Create your own stained glass vase. Recommended materials: glass vase, glass liner paint in gold or black, and various colors of glass paint.
  • Take and Make: Dot Mandala Painting -- YouTube Link -- Ancient art of Mandala. Download Activity Flyer
  • Latin Dance for Beginners: Salsa -- YouTube Link -- Moonlight Dance Studio teaches the basics of Salsa.
  • Hora de Arte: Acrílico Derramado / Art Time: Acrylic Pouring -- En Español en YouTube -- La técnica de acrílico derramado. Materiales recomendados: pintura acrílica en varios colores, lienzo 8x10”, jabón líquido, agua, y vasos plásticos.
    • English YouTube Video - Acrylic pouring technique. Recommended supplies: acrylic paint in various colors, 8x10” canvas, liquid soap, water, and plastic cups.
  • Latin Dance for Beginners: Bachata -- YouTube Link -- MoonLight Dance Studio teaches the basics of Bachata.
  • Hora de Arte: Cuentas de Papel / Art Time: Paper Beads -- This program will have two videos, one entirely in Spanish and the other entirely in English. En Español en YouTube -- Diseñe joyas únicas hechas a mano utilizando cuentas de papel. Materiales recomendados: papel reciclado, como revistas, páginas de libros antiguos o cajas de cereales; elástico, tijeras, una regla, pegamento, palillos de dientes, un bloque de espuma de poliestireno y mod podge.
    • English YouTube Video - Design unique, handmade jewelry using paper beads. Recommended materials: recycled paper such as magazines, old book pages, or cereal boxes; elastic, scissors, a ruler, glue, toothpicks, a Styrofoam block, and mod podge.
  • Hora de Arte: Arte de Cuerda / Art Time: String Art -- This program will have two videos, one entirely in Spanish and the other entirely in English. En Español en YouTube -- La técnica de arte de cuerdas. Materiales recomendados: un trozo de madera, clavos pequeños, hilo de bordar, cinta adhesiva, y una imagen para el contorno. En vivo en YouTube.
    • English YouTube Video String art techniques. Recommended materials: a piece of wood, small nails, embroidery floss, tape, and an image for the outline. Powered by YouTube.
  • Make Your Own Dragon Eye -- YouTube Link -- Create a glass dragon eye.
  • Take and Make: Felt Leaf Wreath -- YouTube Link -- Make your own felt wreath. ACTIVITY PACK. 
  • DIY Dream Catcher -- YouTube Link
  • Take and Make: Holiday Hand Lettering -- YouTube Link
  • DIY Herbal Soap Making -- YouTube Link
  • DIY Clay Jewelry Dishes -- YouTube Link
  • DIY Watercolor Bookmarks -- YouTube Link
  • Paper Quilling for Beginners -- YouTube Link -- Create whimsical novelties or masterful works of art using basic paper quilling techniques.
  • Take and Make: Pom-Pom Coasters -- YouTube Link - Activity Pack
  • DIY Blooming Monogram Letter -- YouTube Link -- Beautiful, floral monogram letter. Recommended supplies: Artificial flowers, cardboard, scissors, hot glue, and a pencil.
  • Take and Make: Wood Bead Bracelet -- YouTube Link --  Activity Pack - ​Recommended supplies: elastic cord, various wooden beads, and a charm of your choice.
  • Living History: Sojourner Truth -- YouTube Link -- Captivating story of Sojourner Truth, American abolitionist and women’s rights activist, presented by Ida White.
  • DIY Mason Jar Candles -- YouTube Link -- ​Recommended supplies: Wax for candle making, candle wicks, scissors, glue tabs or hot glue gun, and essential oils or candle scents.
  • Take and Make: Button Art Heart -- YouTube Link -- Create a lovely button heart on canvas! Activity Packs​ - Recommended supplies: 8x10 canvas or canvas panel, assorted buttons, and tacky glue or hot glue.
  • DIY Indoor Water Gardens -- YouTube Link -- Learn the basics of creating and maintaining an indoor water garden. Recommended supplies: Clear glass container, rocks/pebbles, aquatic plants, aquatic plant food, and filtered water.
  • Talk About: Corrie's Reflections -- YouTube Link -- Uncover the bravery of Corrie Ten Boom, presented by Olive Horning, President of the St. Cloud Women’s Club and Heritage Museum Curator.
  • Take and Make: Pinecone Bird Feeder -- YouTube Link -- Activity Pack
  • Take and Make: Tie Dye Face Masks -- YouTube Link -- Activity Pack 
  • Talk About: I Am Queen Mary - The captivating history of Mary Thomas, as told by local storyteller, Ida White.
  • Hora de Arte: Pintando con Cuerdas -- Enlace de YouTube -- Crea una obra de arte abstracto usando la técnica de cuerdas y pintura acrílica. Materiales recomendados: un lienzo, varias cuerdas y pintura acrílica.
  • Take and Make: Bubble Tea -- YouTube Link  -- Activity Packs -- Recommended supplies: Black tea (or jasmine tea), tapioca pearls, milk (or other milk substitutes), sweetener of your choice, and ice cubes.
  • Take and Make: Mini Macramé Hanging Planter -- YouTube Link -- Activity Packs -- Recommended supplies: 2” terracotta pot, macramé cord, and a metal ring.
  • International Dance Day -- YouTube Link -- Presented by Lisa and Justin Schaad, owners of Moonlight Dance Studio.
  • Wildfire Safety Awareness -- YouTube Link -- Presented by Deputy Chief Jon Haskett of Osceola County Fire Rescue and EMS.
  • Hora de Arte: Bordado Tenango -- Enlace de YouTube -- Materiales recomendados: hilo de bordar, aguja de bordar, bastidor, tela, marcador lavable, y tijeras.
  • Basics of Astronomy -- YouTube Link -- Presented by Derek Demeter, Emil Buehler Planetarium director. 
  • Take and Make: Green Cleaning Bombs -- YouTube Link  -- Activity Packs -- Recommended supplies: baking soda, citric acid, silicone mold or ice-cube tray, bowl, fork, spoon, and a jar or airtight container. 
  • Take and Make: Memory Stone Magnets -- YouTube Link -- Activity Packs  -- Recommended supplies: clear floral stones, small photos, glue, and a magnet.
  • Hora de Arte: Piedra de mosaico -- En Español en YouTube -- Materiales recomendados: escalón de concreto, adhesivo de silicona, lechada, mosaicos o placas o vidrios rotos. 
  • Messy Media: Pulled String Art -- YouTube Premiere Link -- Recommended supplies: acrylic paint in various colors, 8”x10” canvas, twine or yarn, floetrol or other mixing medium, and cups.
  • Take and Make: Confetti Candles -- YouTube Premiere Link -- Spruce up your candleholders using decoupage color creations. -- Activity Pack Flyer -Recommended supplies: glass votive, tissue paper circles, glue, paintbrush and tea light candle.
  • Messy Media: Alcohol Ink Painting -- YouTube Premiere Link -- Enhance your artist abilities as you embark on a unique creative journey each session. -- Recommended supplies: alcohol ink in various colors, synthetic paper, blending solution, and a straw.
  • Take and Make: Napkin Art -- YouTube Premiere Link -- Add flair to your dinner table with decorative napkins created using a bleach dot technique. -- Activity Pack Flyer -- Recommended supplies: cloth napkin, bleach, a pencil with eraser, and a toothpick.
  • Hora de Arte: Puesta de sol -- YouTube Premiere Link -- Pinta una relajante puesta de sol usando técnicas sencillas. -- Materiales recomendados: tinta india, pintura de acuarela, papel de acuarela.
  • Take and Make: Golden Snitch -- YouTube Premiere Link -- Grab your broomsticks and reach new heights creating this quick and easy golden snitch that will lead you to victory! -- Activity Pack Flyer - Recommended supplies: golden ping pong ball, glue, glitter, 2 white feathers, glue dots.
  • Messy Media: Spin Art -- YouTube Premiere Link -- Enhance your artist abilities as you embark on a unique creative journey each session. -- Recommended supplies: acrylic paint in various colors, water, spinning device such as a lazy Susan, duct tape.
  • Messy Media: Watercolor Salt Painting -- YouTube Premiere Link -- Enhance your artist abilities as you embark on a unique creative journey each session. -- Recommended supplies: watercolor paint, watercolor paper, paintbrushes, salt of any kind (table salt, sea salt, coarse salt, Epsom salts).
  • Take and Make: Wizarding House Scarf Bookmark -- YouTube Premiere Link -- Keep your book pages cozy with this needlepoint house scarf fit for a wizard! -- Activity Pack Flyer -- Recommended supplies: plastic canvas, stitching needle, various colors of yarn, scissors.
  • Hora de Arte: Flores Prensadas - enlace de YouTube  - Personalice su decoración, preserve un recuerdo floral o cree regalos únicos para amigos y familiares utilizando diferentes técnicas de prensado de flores. --Materiales recomendados: Flores, papel absorbente, y un objeto pesado.
  • Messy Media: Pumpkin Painting - YouTube Premiere Link - Enhance your artist abilities as you embark on a unique creative journey each session-- Recommended Supplies: acrylic paint in various colors, paint brushes, and a pumpkin (artificial or real).
  • Take and Make: Mal de Ojo Bracelet - YouTube Premiere Link  - Deeply ingrained in several cultures, this good luck charm catches the attention of those seeking spiritual tranquility. -- Activity Pack Flyer PDF -- Recommended Supplies: 18 spacer beads, evil eye beads, 12-14 transparent faceted beads, elastic string, and scissors.
  • Messy Media: Scratch Art - YouTube Premiere Link - Enhance your artist abilities as you embark on a unique creative journey each session. -- Recommended Supplies: scratch paper and a wooden stylus.
  • Take and Make: Fall Fox Koozie YouTube Premiere Link  - Keep your beverages warm and cozy with a felt fox koozie. -- Activity Pack Flyer PDF -- Recommended Supplies: Orange, white, and black felt, fox template, glue, and scissors.
  • Hora de Arte: Pintando Sobre Sal - enlace de YouTube - Incorpora esta divertida técnica a tus pinturas de acuarela y disfruta de sorprendentes resultados. -- Materiales recomendados: Pintura y papel de acuarela, pinceles, sal, y pegamento. 
  • Messy Media: Rock Painting - YouTube Premiere Link - Enhance your artist abilities as you embark on a unique creative journey each session. -- Recommended Supplies: acrylic paint in various colors, paintbrushes, rocks (smooth and flat are best), mod podge, paint pens.
  • Take and Make: Paper Leaf Garland YouTube Premiere Link - Add a special touch to your Fall gatherings with beautiful home décor you can make yourself! -- Activity Pack Flyer PDF -- Leaf Template PDF -- Banner Template PDF.  Recommended Supplies: book pages, glue, glitter, twine, leaf template, scissors, pencil.
  • Messy Media: Chain Pull Painting - YouTube Premiere Link - Enhance your artist abilities as you embark on a unique creative journey each session. -- Recommended Supplies: acrylic paint in various colors, 8"x10" canvas, chain, floetrol or other mixing medium, and cups.
  • Take and Make: Sassafras Tea YouTube Premiere Link - Immerse yourself in Native American culture by creating this traditional tea. -- Activity Pack Flyer PDF -- Recommended Supplies: sarsaparilla root, water, honey (optional).
Trivia - #olsTrivia
Activities and Games
Kitchen Reader Favorites - #olskitchenreader

Recipes chosen from our Kitchen Reader Club members from Philia Kelnhofer's book, Fast & Easy Five-Ingredient Recipes: A Cookbook for Busy People. Permission to use the recipes and meal photos was granted by Philia Kelnhofer.

  • For more fast and easy recipes, visit Philia's blog at
  • Gingersnap Peach Crumble (JPEG image) - Chosen by Sandra B.
    • "I chose this recipe because it was easy. Plus it had fruit and no added sugar." - Sandra B.
  • Prosciutto Parmesan Quiche (JPEG image) - Chosen by Michelle S.
    • "I chose this recipe because I love a good quiche (who doesn't!) and am hoping this one will qualify. Also, I am a fan of Prosciutto. No brainer. Quiches sit and travel well, important considerations for a pot luck type of gathering." - Michelle S.
  • Crispy Bacon & Brussels Sprouts Salad (JPEG image) - Chosen by Anne B.
    • "As for my recipe choice, ordinarily, I avoid Brussels sprouts. I chose this recipe because I tasted a similar dish at a restaurant recently and they were fabulous! So I am hoping to recreate that wonderful dish using this recipe." - Anne B.
  • Pesto and Pea Pasta with Chicken (JPEG image) - Chosen by Renee & Danny DeClere
    • "Danny and I picked the Pesto and Pea Pasta with Chicken recipe because we both love pesto, pasta, and chicken (I'm not crazy about peas but will give it a try or may switch them with green beans or broccoli.). The other reason we picked this recipe is because we can easily swap regular pasta for gluten free pasta. I've become gluten intolerant and love finding recipes that are gluten free or can become gluten free with a few changes. Looking forward to trying out this new dish!"

Kids and Family

Storytime Friends

Our team of Librarians join forces to play, sing songs, and read their favorite tales! For one-on-one storytime links, previous Storytime Takeouts, and Reading Basics worksheets, visit our Storytimes and Reading at Home page.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Mother Goose y Amigos Storytime -- bi-lingual Mother Goose Storytime.

Bilingual Bedtime Storytime / Cuentos Bilingüe para Dormir: April 7April 14April 21April 29


Video Programs - #olsvirtualkids

Crafts, classes, experiments, and more that can be done at home. Presented by our Youth Staff.

Book Club with Youth Staff reading through the SSYRA list for grades 3-5.

  • Attack of Not-So-Virtual Monsters by Kim Harrington -- YouTube Link -- Gummy Bear Experiment PDF
  • Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker by Shelley Johannes -- YouTube Link 
  • Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen by Niki Lenz -- YouTube Link 
  • Caterpillar Summer by Gillian McDunn -- YouTube Link -- Kinetic Sand Recipe
  • Dragons in a Bag by Zetta Elliot -- YouTube Link -- Facebook Event Page
  • How I Became a Spy: A Mystery of WWII London by Deborah Hopkinson -- YouTube Link 
  • Inkling by Kenneth Oppel -- YouTube Link - How to Draw Sheet by Kenneth Oppel
  • Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat by Johnny Marciano and Emily Chenoweth, illustrated by Robb Mommaerts -- YouTube Link --  ** Featuring an interview with illustrator Robb Mommaerts!
  • Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere by Elise Gravel -- YouTube Link 
  • Operation Frog Effect by Sarah Lynn Scheerger -- YouTube Link -- ** Featuring an interview with the author, Sarah Lyn Scheerger!
  • Planet Earth is Blue by Nicole Panteleakos --YouTube Link  -- ** Featuring an interview with the author, Nicole Panteleakos!
  • Power Forward by Hena Khan -- YouTube Link -- ** Featuring an interview with the author, Hena Khan!
  • Strongheart: Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen by Candace Fleming -- YouTube Link-- ** Featuring an interview with the author, Candace Fleming!
  • The Unicorn in the Barn by Jacqueline Ogburn -- YouTube Link -- * Featuring an interview with a local veterinarian!
  • Voyage of the Dogs by Greg van Eekhout -- YouTube Link -- ** Featuring an interview with the author, Greg van Eekhout!
Games and Activities
Beanstack Challenges - #olsbeanstack

Accessible via osceolalibrary.beanstack.orgYou do not need to have a Library card or eCard to register and use Beanstack. Anyone regardless of whether they have a Library card can register and participate.

One Book, One Community

An initiative encouraging kids in Preschool to 5th grade to read and discuss with family brought to you by Publix in partnership with the Orlando Sentinel.