The Washington Post

The Washington Post

The Osceola Library System is proud to bring you FREE access to the Washington Post. The Washington Post is considered a “newspaper of record” which means it is dedicated to accountability and accuracy in reporting and provides a national view of current events.

Our new subscription features all the content you demand and gives it to you in a convenient format, for free!

  • Expert reporting and analysis from Washington and around the world, including award-winning investigative coverage and editorial commentary.
  • Real-time Q&A Discussions providing a behind the scenes look at key stories.
  • Live-streaming of Washington Post Live events, where top-level government and business leaders, emerging voices, and newsmakers discuss the most pressing national and global issues of the day.
  • Access to extra features like Obituaries, Lifestyle and Food, Crosswords and Historical Archives.

How to Log In:

The Washington Post provides both in-Library and on-the-go access to its content.

If you are in the Library, follow this link to automatically access all the Washington Post newspaper has to offer.

If you are on-the-go or using LTE in the Library on your tablet or smartphone, use this link and select an email and password for continuous 7 day access. After the 7 days are up, just log in again using the same email and password and a new 7 day session starts again.