Friends of the Library

Our Mission: Create a partnership with the Library and the Community.

The Friends are 501(c)(3) organizations, comprised of Osceola County citizens interested and concerned with promoting service and literacy for their library and community. Membership dues start at $5.00 yearly (January to December), with larger donations gladly accepted. Membership applications can be picked up at the library branches. Membership can be either Active or Supportive. Correspondence can be mailed to the address below for all groups.

Friends of the Library
P.O. Box 702087
St. Cloud FL 34770-2087

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Friends of the Library Membership Application

Osceola Friends

The Osceola Friends serves as the umbrella organization for the local branch groups. Reusable “green” bags are available for a nominal donation from all groups.

The Board meets monthly, the second Tuesday at 11am. at various Library Branches, most often the Hart Memorial Library. Check the online event calendar for location confirmation.

Board of Directors (2017-2018)

President: Joan Touzin
President Emeritus: Carmen Richards
Vice President: Barbara Shuman
Secretary: Margie Wilkins
Treasurer: Mary Thiele

Maureen Hanna
Casey Beckles
Mary Thiele
Anne Marie Winterhalter

Liaison Members
Pat Fogel (Poinciana)
Barbara Shuman, Maureen Hanna (St. Cloud)
Dorothy Gensur, Elaine Paskuna (BVL)

Poinciana Friends of the Library

The Poinciana Friends meet the third Tuesday of the month at 11am in the Poinciana Meeting Room. Membership is open to residents of Poinciana and surrounding areas.

Since 1998 we have provided numerous gifts and services to the Poinciana branch. Our group has volunteered at special events, strengthened existing Library features, and helped promote literacy in the community.

President/Treasurer: Carol Ann McCarthy
Vice President: Pat Fogel
Secretary: Margie Wilkins

Buenaventura Lakes Friends of the Library

Officers (2017-2018)
President: Dorothy Gensur
Treasurer: Elaine Paskuna
Vice President: Barbara Shuman
Secretary: Carmen Richards
Public Relations: Carol Hardeman

St. Cloud Friends of the Library

The St. Cloud Friends of the Library meet on the 3rd Thursday at 11am. after the monthly book club. Our purpose is to promote literacy and reading, not only in the community, but also in the county, state, and nation. It is also to encourage gifts/memorials of funds, books, art objects, etc. to the Library. New members are always welcome.

President: Barbara Shuman
Vice President: Betty McKeown
Secretary: Maureen Hanna
Treasurer: Linda DeVenuto
Publicity: Chris Smith

West Osceola Friends of the Library

The purpose of the Friends is threefold:

  • To develop programs that encourage literacy in West Osceola County and Celebration
  • To develop programs to encourage our youth to participate in library programs and develop reading skills
  • To foster meaningful dialog between the citizens of West Osceola County, Celebration, and the Osceola Library.

Established in 2004, this group is undergoing changes.