Going Back to Our Roots

On October 1, 2023, the Osceola Library System is returning to being a fine free library, having charged fines for overdue materials since October 2011.

Patrons will no longer incur a daily fine of $.25 per item for returning print Library materials after the due date. Currently, fines on physical items such as books, DVDs and Books on CD accrue for 10 days and a user’s access to Library materials is blocked when fines reach more than $10.

In addition to not charging overdue fines on print materials going forward, all past overdue fines will be cleared, giving everyone a fresh start in using the Library!

Going fine free makes all the services and resources the Library offers even more accessible to the community. Most Library programs and services are free of charge, but eliminating late fines will open up access to:

  • TechCentral
  • Chromebooks & hotspots
  • Career Online High School
  • STEAM kits & Launchpads
  • and essential collections and services that need a Library card in good standing to access


Just Bring It Back 

By going fine free, around 16,000 patrons will see their fines removed! We hope that with our promotional messages and announcements across branch locations, more patrons will return their items to the Library and the number of unblocked accounts will rise.

The Library trusts patrons will continue to return physical materials to the Library on time. The current checkout policies will remain in place. Patrons will still have ample opportunity to finish reading their materials so they can bring them back and let the next person enjoy them as much as they did.

Any materials that are considered lost (not brought back after 30 days), will be charged the full replacement value and patron privileges blocked until the items are returned. Just bring them back and the patron will be clear to find their next favorite title!


A New Chapter

Over the years and especially since the pandemic, revenue from overdue fines has continued to drop resulting in a minimal impact to the Library budget when compared with the cost of managing fines. Eliminating fines ensures all Library resources are offered equally with consistent policies and procedures.

The Osceola Library System is excited for the opportunity to join many other library systems in the country and Florida that have eliminated overdue fines. These new policies have successfully encouraged patrons to return materials, reactivate their cards and discover all the new services and resources that their library card can provide!