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Fee Schedule

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Adding Materials to Our Collection

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Notary Services

The Osceola Library System offers Notary Services on an as-needed basis, determined by the availability of certified and trained staff.

Appointments and Library cards are not required for service. Notary Services are provided free of charge.

In preparation for your visit with the Notary:

  • Look over all documents to make sure you have all the information you need.
  • Bring a valid photo ID and one more form of current identification that features your signature.
  • Do not sign anything without the Notary present.
  • Bring your own witnesses -- the Library cannot provide witnesses for you.

Please be aware of the following limitations on Notary Service:

  • Notary Services is one of many important services provided by the Library -- you may be asked to wait, come back on another day, or use another Notary in the community to have your document successfully notarized.
  • The Osceola Library System reserves the right to deny notary services based on professional judgement.
  • Only simple documents will be notarized -- nothing requiring legal expertise, such as Wills and Living Trusts.
  • Only documents in English will be notarized.

Loan Periods

Library card holders may check out a total of fifty (50) combined items per card. DVDs check out for seven (7) days. All other materials check out for twenty-one (21) days. Library materials will be automatically renewed three (3) times unless the material is placed on hold or is an Interlibrary Loan. New or popular materials may have limitations.

Late fee(s) are not charged on Sundays, holidays, and other Library closed days. Patron accounts are blocked from further activity upon accumulating at least $10 in fees. Materials returned incomplete (missing discs, etc.) will remain on the account until missing pieces are returned. Overdue fees may occur. Overdue fees are $.25 per day for all materials with a cap of $2.50 per item.​

Internet & Computer Usage

The Internet is provided at no cost to help supplement the information available inside the library. The Internet is considered, above all else, an information source. Certain limitations have been imposed regarding the software available on the computers. These limitations also restrict any software from being downloaded onto this machine. In addition, the Internet access provided by Osceola County is filtered, which restricts access to some web sites. Keep in mind the computers are in a public area and a customer’s view is not private. Please be considerate of those around you. Any customer found to be using the computers and/or Internet inappropriately will have his or her computer privileges revoked, the length of time determined on a per-violation basis. Inappropriate use includes, though is not limited to:

Accessing, transmitting, downloading, uploading, viewing or distributing pornographic obscene, or sexually explicit materials. See Florida Statutes 847.011(1)(a) and 847.0133(1).

  • Violating and local, state or federal statute.
  • Harassing another customer; disrupting another customer’s use of the computers.
  • Attempting to download onto the computer’s hard drive.
  • Damaging, destroying, or removing any equipment, software or data belonging to the library or other users.

Internet Disclaimer

The Internet is an unregulated global entity and is the largest electronic information network in the world. Due to its constantly changing nature, the Osceola County Library System has no control over the information or its quality, accuracy, or currency. The Library System assumes no responsibility for the content of any Internet sites. Links to other sites, from the Library System’s website, are provided as additional resources and do not imply sponsorship or identification with the Osceola County Library System. It is not the Library’s policy to decide what ideas or information to which children should be exposed. Parents or legal guardians are solely responsible for their child’s, and only their child’s, use of the Internet. The Osceola County Library System will not assume responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of electronic services through our System, including the Internet. Please see our Computer Use and Code of Conduct pages for more specific guidelines and procedures.

Multipurpose Rooms

The Osceola Library System provides multipurpose rooms for lawful public use. All uses of the multipurpose rooms must be in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal laws.

Multipurpose rooms are available free of charge for reservation by nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations and groups for the purpose of holding meetings or events of a civic, cultural, religious, political, or educational nature. They are not reserved for individual use. The direct sale or promotion of goods and services by for-profit businesses is prohibited in multipurpose rooms. For more information, please telephone 407.742.8888 Monday through Friday during the hours of 9am to 5pm.

To view the entire multipurpose room policy, please visit the Book a Room page.