You’re invited to our 2024 Summer Learning program! This year, we will explore conservation with the theme, “Read, Renew, Repeat!” Conservation is all about protecting our planet’s amazing creatures, restoring their homes, and keeping our environment healthy. We’ll not only learn about the wonders of nature but also discover how reading can be the most powerful tool for learning about the world all around us, along with just having a fun time with events and activities!

We will have tons of free in-person programs for kids, teens, and adults including performers, book clubs, and more!

Summer Learning starts on Monday, June 4 and ends on Thursday, August 1.

Online Reading Challenges

Spend the summer at the Library! Throughout June and July, kids, teens, & grown-ups will have a blast participating in our summer events and entering to win cool prizes on Beanstack, our reading log app/website. Make sure to download the Beanstack app!

Beanstack Challenges

There will be 3 separate Beanstack reading challenges, designed for different age groups. You do not need to have a Library card or eCard to use Beanstack and win prizes!

Kids (Ages 0-11) & Teens (Ages 12-18)

  • Read your first 10 hours – earn a coupon packet and a book from the prize cart
  • After that, for every 10 hours, up to 100 hours – earn a book from the prize cart

    Grownups (Ages 19+)

    • For every 10 hours, up to 100 hours – earn one virtual raffle ticket to put in for a chance to win a prize

    Find the Book Dragon Challenge

    • Find the 3D printed Book Dragon hidden somewhere in each branch location
    • Enter the color of the Book Dragon into the Beanstack challenge – earn one virtual raffle ticket to put in for a chance to win that week’s Book Dragon
    • Winners will be drawn on Tuesday of the following week – contest runs every Monday through Sunday

    Prize Drawings

    A new Beanstack code word each week! Code words will be revealed at summer learning programs featuring presenters, led by our Youth Staff, and at Friday Movie Matinees.

    • Log a code word in Beanstack weekly (only 1 code word can be entered per week, even if you go to all 3 programs)
    • Once the code word is input, you will receive a virtual raffle ticket to put in for a chance to win a prize
    • The window to log a code word is 1 week – open Monday morning, close Sunday at midnight



    Summer learning isn’t just for kids! Adults will have an opportunity to enjoy various in-person programs across all of our branch locations.

    Please note: you can participate both in the “Grown-up” and “Adult” activities during our Summer Learning Program.


    During each summer-related program attended, adults will have the opportunity to submit a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize!

    You will recieve one raffle ticket per every summer-related program you attend. There are no limits to how many times you can enter a raffle for a prize.

    Publix or Walmart $20 Gift Cards

    • During each summer-related program, adults will submit a ticket to be deposited in a raffle box
    • Each branch will draw a winner on Monday July 1, and Thursday, August 1

    Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

    • Family four-pack (30-minute airboat ride) will be raffled per branch location for a chance to win, valued to be at $169
    • Each branch will pull a winner from two month’s worth of raffle tickets.
    • The winners will be announced on Monday, August 5

    Fun Spot America

    • System-wide raffle for a prize of one Family 4 Pack of Fun (includes four tickets), valued to be at $280
    • The winner will be announced on Monday, August 5

    All winners will have one week to claim their prize after receiving the notification; otherwise another winner will be selected in their place.