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TechCentral is a free space open to Osceola Library cardholders providing access to tools and technologies that will help the community gain the necessary skills to make their dreams a reality. Part of the Osceola Library System, it is located on the second floor within Hart Memorial Library in Downtown Kissimmee.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Thursday: 1pm-7pm

Friday-Saturday: 10am-5pm

Sunday & Monday: CLOSED

TechCentral Orientation

Once you have viewed the Orientation Video, take our Orientation Quiz. Users must pass our quiz in order to use the rooms and equipment.

Guidelines & Computer Use Policy

Users must adhere to the TechCentral Guidelines as well as the Internet Use Policy. These guidelines are not all-inclusive and may change without notice.


There are many cool things happening at TechCentral that you don’t want to miss! If you’re interested in 3D printing, sewing, or robotics, check out the calendar below.

Meet the TechCentral Staff

If you have any questions about TechCentral or its services, contact:

Frankie Galan
Frankie Galan

Makerspace Technician

Jon Morales
Jon Morales

Makerspace Technician