Sewing Studio


Craft your dreams at the seams! From the first cut of fabric to that final stitch, you will find everything you need to sew a dress, create a costume, or even start your clothing line in TechCentral's Sewing Studio.

The studio is equipped with:

  • 4 Brother CS6000i 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machines
  • 2 Brother 1034D 3/4 Tread Sergers
  • Large Table for cutting and measuring fabrics
  • Ironing Board and Iron
  • Customizable Dress Form
  • Some additional materials such as thread and fabric
    • Bring your own supplies to work on personal projects

There will be beginner classes to learn how to sew, but the more advanced only need to pass the assessment to use the equipment in open lab hours.

For Beginners

Training Videos
Upcoming Classes
  • Class schedule coming soon

Booking Studio Time

In order to book the Sewing Studio for use, the following skills must be demonstrated.

Skills Required

Users are required to demonstrate the following skills and knowledge to our TechCentral Technicians when you arrive for your first appointment. Our Technicians will go over the skills with you and approve you for solo use of the space and future bookings.

  • Wind a Bobbin
  • Thread the Needle
  • Change Stitches
  • Sew a Line

These videos will help:

Book a Room

If you feel confident demonstrating the skills above, visit our Online Studio Calendars for available times on our sewing machines and to book your session.