Reading Challenges

Enjoy the fun of reading and unlock achievements!

Beanstack is a website and app that serves as an interactive home for reading challenges and events. It’s your one-stop-shop to not only register for challenges, but to also track your reading habits and unlock badges!

Beanstack is easy to use and available both online and as a mobile app. Get started by downloading the app or by visiting our Osceola Library Beanstack website at to create your account.

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What can you do with Beanstack?

Register as an Individual, Family, Group, or Class

Perfect for parents, summer camps, and teachers!

Earn Badges, Incentives and Prizes

Get digital badges and achievements, as well as prizes for completing challenges!

Complete Reading Challenges

Choose from Youth or Adult Reading Challenges, all crafted by our Library staff.

Write Book Reviews

Share your opinions with other readers!

Track Your Reading

Easily add books to your reading log by scanning the book's barcode, and set session timers to track how long you've read!

Get Weekly Book Recommendations

(Optional - enable in Settings) Get unique recommendations based on your profile information and reading habits.

Manage a Family Member's Reading Log and Achievements

(if registered as a Family) Easily switch views between member profiles without having to change logins.

How To Sign Up

You do not need to have a Library Card or eCard to sign up for and use Beanstack. Everyone, even those without cards, can register and participate in challenges!

Visit or download the app to your phone or tablet. If you are registering through the app, select "Library, School or Bookstore" and search "Osceola Library System".

Choose how you would like to register (as an individual, registering a child, registering a family or group) and then complete all required fields (marked with *) in the online form.

Note: An email address is required. If you do not have an email address you will need to create one first then come back to register for Beanstack.

Once registered, you can access your account online or in the app by signing in with your username and password.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

A Reading Challenge for You to Complete with Your Little Ones!

Can your child read 1,000 books before they start Kindergarten? It's easier than you think! Our new reading incentive program allows you to bond with your child(ren) ages birth - 5 years old while helping them establish strong early literacy skills by reading aloud.

Register for the challenge on Beanstack using the instructions above and track your child's progress in the app as you read books together. Earn rewards for different milestones as you go, and when your child reaches their goal of 1,000 books they can make their mark on our new 1000 Books Before Kindergarten banners at the Libraries by placing their handprint on our Trees of Literacy!


In conjunction with our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Beanstack Challenge, different  Kits can be picked up in person at our Libraries making it easier to tackle the Challenge! These Kits are carefully selected to meet the needs of a child’s goal to read 1000 books.

Phonics Kit

Phonics Kits

Phonics Kits contain up to 25 books with options in English and Spanish, with popular characters and themes. Browse our collection of Phonics Kits or place a hold in our catalog, then stop by your local Library branch for pickup.

Beginner Kits

Beginner Kits contain up to 6 books with options in Level 1, 2, or 3. Browse our collection of Beginner Kits or place a hold in our catalog, then stop by your local Library branch for pickup.

Board Book Kits

Board Book Kits contain up to 4 books for newborns through preschool age groups. Browse our collection of Board Book Kits or place a hold in our catalog, then stop by your local Library branch for pickup.

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